Occupy Economics Workshops

at Steelworkers Hall, 25 Cecil St.
Toronto, ON M5T 1N1, Canada

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Workshops are free and open to all
Workshop coordinator: Dix

Next Workshop
Tuesday Feb 10th, 2015, 6:30 - 8:30pm

Note: Earlier annunced date, Feb 3rd, has been cancelled due to lack of space on that date.

Topic: The Nexus between Political and Economic Power in the Digital Age.

The nexus between economic and political power has always been a significant aspect of capitalism. 

In recent years, a rising surge of economic transactions intermediated over cyber markets has created a new face of modern capitalism. In short, it has inaugurated an era of cyber markets.

In this environment the nexus between economic and political power has intensified, led by a crop of new billionaires that have benefitted from the incredibly fast consolidation times that dominant firms experience in new cyber markets. 

Often, companies that emerge as the dominator of a particular market segment acquire as close to a monopoly position that one will ever see in private markets. An early example was the Windows operating system, and more recently Facebook, Twitter, Amazon.com , Skype, etc. are other examples. 

The enormous wealth that founders and early investors of these companies amass within incredibly short timespans makes these people very powerful, not only in traditional economic and political sense, but also by the power they acquire to transform the economic and social infrastructures of our society. 

On the sidelines, the neoliberal political establishment, always in awe of success in money accumulation, loudly applaud. They have no concept of a public role in the design of the future, but see their own roles mainly as those who brings the scythe to the governments' activities.

Thus, they are content leaving this vitally important aspect of politics, structuring the future, in the hands of these new masters of the digital economy, some of whom have become so inebriated by their own success that their mindset borders on the megalomaniac, ready to travel to Mars and where not.

The questions these new developments raise are important topics that few have dared to touch out of fear of being branded as Luddites. Bot Occupy Economics is always ready to step up to the plate that others have vacated. Join us for this important workshop!