GŁnther Grass,†16 October 1927 – 13 April 2015

In memoriam


gŁnther grass in the field

gŁnther grass talking
lines of poetry
alone in a field of dreams
i stumble into the dream
we sit down and drink beers

i understand now
it is not what is being said
but that something is being said

we go into the room of games
s turn them
into stories about zen
where there is nothing
people will see something
& shapes of nothing are cool

i return with gŁnther
to the field in the dream
s still talking lines of poetry
s not words but memories
of forgotten nightmares
behind the tin drum
was shadow of ss panzer
it was once & real
clanking hulls of steel spraying death
in the times of
mind-rape of the children

gŁnther is persona-non-grata
in another garden of angry men
but in the dream
we hug the old ojibway
who knows how dreams
can mellow the past

Dix sandneck 2012